Monday, 15 October 2012

First Post!

Hi, My name is Nicole.

I really have no idea how to start one of these thingy-mcbobs but I suppose I should just tell you what I'm going to be posting about and a bit about me so here it goes!

I hope to blog about loads of things but mainly i want this to be a fashion and beauty blog. I relly should have read loads of different ones around this subject before hand but you will come to know that i cant be bothered about that sort of stuff. I am quite a relaxed person. I also want to see this as sort of an escape you could say from everything and a way of getting my thoughts out of my head. 

I suspect you will all find out eventually that I have mild OCD. Things like this can really control peoples lives but I hope this doesn't and i also hope to blog about this in future because i think its a very misunderstood mental disorder.

I suppose I should also 'admit' that I am lucky enough to 'suffer' from mild anxiety and panic attacks which I've never really told anyone before so I see this as quite a big step to be putting this out there for the whole world to see. And again I hope to blog about this in the future.

But yeah aside form that i suppose you would say I'm your average teenager, who loves make-up and clothes, not sporty in the slightest but liking life at the moment.

So that's me and I hope you enjoy my blog!

With Love xx


  1. Ohhh I wanted to follow :( but you dont have the follower gadget xxxx

    1. I now have a follow button I figured it out ha ha :0


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