Tuesday, 16 October 2012


 Okay just a quick one:

So I have just realized I don't have a way for you beauties to follow my posts can someone please comment ad tell me which gadget to get and where to put it and also I was considering changing my blog name to Lu-Lu-Nicole but if you beauties have any other ideas please comment and tell me!

Also I would love to know how to follow other people's blogs and how to read them. I'm such a novice!

With Love,
Nicole xx


  1. The way l do things...If you click on to 'View My Complete Profile', it takes you to Browse Profile.
    If you then click 'Dorset', the Dorset pages will appear. If you click 'United Kindom', all the Bloggers in the UK appear. I never bother with that. On mine l have put 'Blandford Forum. So l can view Blandford Blogs. But, only use that if you want to.....!
    Also, if others want to follow this Blog, click onto the two little squares, up on the right hand side, next to 'join this site' and follow the instructions....Picture and name will appear over on the right hand side....Sorted..
    If you want to take a look at my Blog/Profile.
    Just click onto my name, Willie, next to pussy-cat George, up there on the left....!
    That's the way l do it....Someone may know an easier way.........Gooood Luck.......! :>)

  2. oooooops! I have Blandford Forum on mine, because that's where l live....
    You must put, if you want to, the town where you live...
    It's entirely up to you what you want to reveal....! :)


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