Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Clear Skin Secrets

So this is my first beauty related blog so here it goes:

Okay, so I am constantly complemented by people i know on how clear my skin is and they are always shocked by how much make-up I wear (I will tell you beauties why later) but I do have a secret to my clear skin. Now before you guys think that I am some sort of genius that discovered this this secret has been bubbling under the surface of revalation for quite a while. some of you may know of this mircle product and for those of you who do I apologise for wasting your time but I know I will never be without a pot of this at my side for the rest of my life!

I do however have quite a strict skin routine however where i wash my skin with a face wipe every morning and evening ( I use Superdrug's own baby wipes which are fantastic and will be featuring in my October favourites blog at the end of the month no doubt. Plus they are only 99p!) and I apply freederm fasttrack for sudden breakouts which i strongly recommened for dry/normal skin (like mine) (£3.19 at Superdrug) But my secret is....
SUDOCREM!!!! (£3.49 at Superdrug for 250g which will easily last a year)

Omg, I can't stop raving about this product I would eccommened it to anyone and everyone with every skin type. My best friend Lucy has an oily complexion and she loves it too.

I recommened that you apply it thinly in the morning around 5 minutes before applying your make-up and quite thickly at night so it can work deeply into your skin.

Just as a side note I am considering changing the name of my bog and any reccomendations would be perfect and any blog requests of what you want me to chat about would be greatly appreciated too.

With Love,

Nicole xx

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  1. I use Sudocrem to dry out spots and it really is fantastic! Such a good beauty secret.

    Lovely blog post :)

    Tanesha x


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