Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Youtube Addiction

So over the past like year i have found myself addicted to Youtube! I am subscribing to like everyone so I thought that i would share with you why I love some of them.

I hope everyone in the world has watched at least one of her videos she is the most hilarious girl on the internet literally. She was the first person I ever subscribed to because i just thought she was so funny and could entertain me every week so I have woken up every Thursday morning and just watched her video straight away and now I have watched every single one of her videos and everyone has made me laugh but this one is defiantly my fave:

My Drunk Kitchen (Myharto aka Hannah Hart)
After watching Jenna Marbles My Drunk Kitchen Tribute I was curious as to what my drunk kitchen was. I instantly fell in love with Hannah's punny-ness and hilarious drunken antics but I think the one which made me sub scribe was this one:


Okay so I really have no idea how i came across this magical being but I did and now I am subscribed and happy every Sunday for ever  This guy is so classically funny (and cute too BONUS!) and I was just like SUBSCRIBE so this is my favorite of his videos:


So this guy is one of my favourite british youtubers he is so funny and pretty and he makes so beautiful videos such as (Goodbye-go check it out it looks amazing) and I just think he's top class but this video like Goodbye is so well thought out I had to show you:


So this is my beauty blog I subscribe to (and I think everyone should subscribe to at least one) and I just think she is so pretty and really friendly and approachable and easy to watch and so yeah. She was also my inspiration to blog so thank-you Zoella!


With Love xx

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