Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Favorites

Okay so I have enjoyed my first months Blog and I am looking forward to many more! so happy I have 2 followers already! So here are my monthly favorites!

(£1.99 Superdrug & Boots)
Impulse - Tease
Okay so I play uni-hoc at 6th form and we work up quite a sweat and this spray of mine is always chucked around between us and we always say how nice it smells! It is such a gorgeous smell however it doesn't stay for very long which is disappointing.

 Barry M Nail Varnish -
I LOVE THIS. It looks so pretty I was going to take a picture of my nails with it on but I don't have it on today :( but I do love glittery nail varnish at the moment and it is making me all christmassy!
(£2.99 Superdrug)
NYC Metro Quartet Eyeshadow - Union Square
I have been converted into a eyeshadow wearer after buying this for a party and now I wear it like almost every day and it really compliments my hazel eyes and it pretty much tells you where to put each colour and it comes with a cute little brush with a place to put it too!

(£1.19 Superdrug)
Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic
I really suffer with dull hair so sometimes when I go out or want shiny hair I spray couple of squirts of this in my hair and it really spruces it up and gives it some shine! I love it well worth the buy!

(£5.29 Boots & Superdrug)
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner - Black
I Have really struggled to find a good eye liner. I think I have mentioned before that I had an MUA one that I didn't like but I bought this one the other day, one use and I was in love with it! The line is really clear and distinct which is great and it doesn't dry too quick so you cant correct it easily.

(£7.99 Boots & Superdrug)
Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara
This mascara is amazing, it gives the impression that you are wearing false lashes (with lots of coats) or gives great length for a natural day time look. Really does do what it says on the packet..(which is rare). I really love the packaging and I have been known to wear it without curling my eyelashes because it isn't necessary  Amazing product.

(£2.49 Superdrug)
Superdrug Expertise Salt Spray
I know earlier I said I like having shiny hair I also like matt and messy hair like Binky from Made In Chelsea (so jel!) which I love so I went out and bought a superdrug own product (which I don't normally) but this one has really pulled it off! <3

(£2.99 Superdrug)
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Proud and True Brit
I bought this around the whole british fever season and I was feeling patriotic so I went for this version of the spray. I really love the dry shamppos as I am having my batroom re done I cant have a quick shower to refresh my hair so I am so thankful I have this!

With Love xx

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