Saturday, 20 October 2012

OMG 100 Views

Just a quickie,
(not in that way)

I am so elated with 100 total view posts of my blog. Like I thought it would take like a whole month to reach this amazing point but I am just so happy! thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment or even just read my blog its nice to know that someone cares! 

Some of you may think this is really sad but who cares I am happy!

With Love xx


  1. Hi! I think I've heard that the Maybelline gel eyeliners are pretty good for their price. Have you tried any before?

    1. I have borrowed a friends when trying to draw on a six pack for a fancy dress party and it was quite good then and another friend has used them for her eyes and she said they were really good and always came out unlike the one I have at the moment which is an MUA pen eyeliner but that one does give you a god line when it does work.


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