Friday, 26 October 2012

Pastel Nails | Review

 Barry M - 304-Mint Green
This nail varnish is stunning i am always a fan of Barry M nail varishes and this is no exeption. You do however have to put 2 coats on but a really cool perk is of you have long nails like me you cn see the colour through the back so cool! The nail varnish has stayed on perfectly and hasn't chipped even without a top coat! 
 Barry M - 307-Lemon
This nail varnish like the green one was brilliant also. Sometimes i have found with yellow nail varnish it comes out a weird colour but this doesn't at all. it is a really nice shade of yellow exactly as it is in the bottle. because it is a very light colour you do have to use 3 coats but i love the colour so it was defiantly worth it! 
 Barry M- 308-Berry
As you can probably tell by now I love baary M nail varnish! This one has again, all the good points i have mentioned before lovely colour no complaints!

Collection 2000 - 48 Candy Floss
Now I do venture away from my safety net of Barry M occasionally and this was a great risk to take. It is just the quality of Barry M but qute a bit cheaper.

Overall I think that this varying pastel nails is really unique and on trend I have had it on all week and got compliments everyday which obviously was very nice for me! Haha! I also got my GlossyBox today so I will be trying it out over the next couple of days and I will report back. Also I am accumulating some items for a haul to show you all!

With Love xx

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  1. Pastel is something that never runs out of style!
    I'm in LOVE with the Barry M! We can't get those in Hawaii!

    XO Amy


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