Friday, 19 October 2012

To Dye or not to Dye?

So I've been dilly daddling  whether or not to dip dye my hair blond or not. I am a proud ginger though so I'm not sure if it would suit me or not. I spoke to my hairdresser and she said I may not work if i went lighter on my hair but I wanted to go blond. 

My inspiration for this hairstyle was Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud). I think her hair looks stunning in this pic. She has been my hair inspiration pretty much since Girls Aloud formed. I got a full fringe when she did (BIG mistake so big I deleted every picture so I cant show you Daymn) and so on and so forth so I wondering whether to follow in her footsteps once again. 

Now I have had my haircut to just shy of hers in this picture and I recently had a fringe cut in (I don't have a picture of this yet but I will do in my October favorites) but this is the most recent with my hair down.

So what do you guys think? please let me know and I will go with the majority after " weeks and I will let you know the verdict in my October favorites post!

With Love xx

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