Sunday, 30 December 2012

Strictly My Favourite Costumes Part 2

So I know this is late but I have been busy revising for my exams recently so my strictly faves blog got lost amongst the biology and chemistry revision but here it is I will put a link to blog number 1 at the bottom.
Kimberly Walsh - Week 6 - Viennese Waltz
Dani Harmer - Week 8 - Samba
Kimberly Walsh - Week 9 - Jive

Victoria Pendelton - Week 7 (Wembley) - Paso Doble
Dani Harmer - Week 10 (Fusion) - Charleston/Quickstep
Denise Van Outen - Week 11 - Rumba
Dani Harmer Week 11 - American Smooth

Flavia Cacace (Partner - Louis Smith) - Final - Showdance

First Half of Strictly Costume Faves

With Love

Friday, 28 December 2012

Review | Nivea Express Hydration Primer

Okay so I had seen the adverts for this product on TV and finding myself in need of a new primer I decided I would go for this one. I was very impressed with this product. I was so pleased with what it did for my skin. I noticed that it significantly increased the staying power of my foundation at the time and I noticed  marked improvement on the hydration of my skin. Its claim of instant absorption is very true. It has a pleasant smell that isn't too overpowering. I did find it almost weightless on my skin It is quite oily to start but then it doesn't have the same effect once it is on the skin. I thoroughly recommend it and I will be buying it again.

With Love xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Review | Miranda Hart at Tatler

miranda hart
 I was shocked when I saw these stunning pictures of Miranda Hart in Tatler magazine recently she looks so beautiful! I didn't recognize her! She is defiantly showing that bigger girls can look like models too and I totally commend her for losing so much weight and it is defiantly worth it! For me I personally love the right hand side look but that's just me. For those of you who don't know what she looks like normally this is what we all expect her to look like...

Okay so all that's left to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS!

With Love xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Best Dressed Celebs This Week

        Mollie King At London Heathrow Airport, 2012
Mollie King - Heathrow Airport
Kourtney Kardashian Out In Miami, 2012
Kourtney Kardashian - Out In Miami

Ashley Tisdale Out In LA, 2012
Ashley Tisdale - Out In LA 

Amanda Seyfried At The Les Miserables World Premiere, 2012
Amanda Seyfried - World Premiere of Les Mis

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

With Love xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Christmas Tag

I read this tag on Charlotte Ann Owst's Blog and I thought why not, it will be the first tag I do on my blog and here it goes...

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I really love the decorating the house part. In my house we set aside a day Blast the Christmas CD and just go mad. We go for the 'Santa's grotto' look where you just cover the place! I also love going to my grandmas house and all sitting round the table for Christmas dinner

2. What is your favourite make up look for the festive season?
I don't really know I like how you can get away with a glittery nail without getting a funny look. BUt to be honest my make-up doesn't change much to the rest of the year.

3.Real tree or fake tree?
Fake. I have always had a fake tree in my house although my dads ex-wife liked fake ones and I did enjoy going to pick it and I loved the smell but I think that fake ones are nicer to decorate.

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?
I love giving presents. I really try and think about what I am buying and I love giving funny presents. I do also love getting presents I love the excitement of ripping the paper and seeing what you got.

5. Do you open presents Christmas morning or eve/evening?
I change each year where I wake up from my dads to my mums so I do my presents as soon as I get up where I am and then I do the rest when I get to my other parents house around the middle of the day.

6. Hand-made Christmas cards or bought?
I always hand-make the cards I get for my family. And I buy the cards I get for my friends. I do like getting hand-made cards but I prefer the bought cards because they are all nice and glossy!

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Elf. I love Will Ferrell and me and my friends watch it every year without fail. When I was younger we always used to watch a Christmas film called something like Another Bloomin' Christmas but we lost it and I haven't been able to find it after my Grandma moved her videos. If anyone has heard of it I would be so grateful if you could comment its actual name so I could get it.

8. What's your favourite Christmas food? 
Pigs in Blankets. Boom.

9. What's your favourite Christmas song?
I love Baby its' Cold Outside, Michael Buble's version of Jingle Bells, Wombling Merry Christmas by The Wombles and Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea.

10. What's your favourite Christmas memory?
Ooh, I don't know probably me and me uncle sat every year at the table by ourselves beacuse we eat to slow for everyone to wait for us!

Thanks for reading this blog post I know its long but I don't care! Have you done this tag yet?

With Love xx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Winter Whishlist.....

So the festive season is in full swing and the winter wardrobe is emerging do I thought I would share my winter wishlist with you......

Black Skater Dress - Miss Selfridge £39.00
Berry Frock Coat - Dorothy Perkins £69.99
Black Candy Cane Jumper - New Look £24.99 
Blue Sequin Skater Skirt - Topshop £45.00
Tierra Moustache Pumps -  £19.99
Scallop Shorts
Scallop Shorts - Oasis £35.00

With Love xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

November Favourites

 OK, so again this is late but I had stuff to do so deal with it! I am hoping to blog ab it more in this month so look out for that and Its nearly Christmas! oh and these are my November favourites ....

Garnier Pure -  Skin Naturals foam Wash
I love this product I bought it quite a while ago and thought I lost it (gutted!) but then I found it again recently and started to use it again and it really sorted my skin out. It gives an amazing feeling to your skin and I am very happy I purchased it too. It smells lush too so that's good!

V05 - Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme
I was so lucky to get this product with this months issue of Cosmopolitan and I absolutly love it. I have really frizzy hair, like really bad I hardly wear it down but this has made such an amazing improvement I was so pleased! Definatly re-purchasing this when I run out!

Barry M Nail paint - Grey Cream
I love this colour. I don't think I need to ramble on again about Barry M so I wont. But this colour is great its quite a dark grey which looks daunting but it's not. It gives a great change from black and if you're feeling a bit scroogy then this is for you!

So that's it! Not many this month mainly because I didnt buy much this month due to prezzies draining all my money! Haha so I will see you soon with probably a fashion blog as I dont think I have done one of them in a while or possibly a haul I dont know yet!

With Love xx
P.s. 22 days!