Monday, 28 January 2013

NOTD | Busy as a Bee...

Okay, I took some inspiration from Allergic to Vanilla's blog post in which she had yellow nail varnish on and that triggered my brain into thinking of having yellow nails for myself! and then once i was done I felt the need to put some stripes on one of my nails because I was bored which is generally when I put a lot of effort into my nails! So here's what I used...

Barry M nail Varnish - Lemon Ice Cream
Barry M Nail Varnish - Black

as you can tell I love Barry M!

With Love xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

NOTD | Sparkle Sparkle

So I was feeling inspired by the dancing on ice contestants outfits this week and I though I may as well add a bit of sparkle to my life! Here's What I Used...

Pink - Sally Hansen - Shimply Divine
Glitter - Superdrug's Own

With Love xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

NOTD | Ombre Nails | Yay or Nay?

Okay so I read in a magazine a tip off that Ombre nails were going to be a summer staple so I thought that I would try it out before any How to blogs and I found it very different from the norm but I did get a lot of compliments so I will tell you what I did..

  • I did a brown base layer (Barry M - Mushroom) across the whole of my nail
  • I then used Barry M's Yellow nail varnish and did a thin layer across the top half of my nail
  • I then did another of yellow on top of that which made the colour more pigmented I then repeated this until I got to the end of my nail.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review | Golden Globes

So I think it was last week when the Golden Globes came on and everyone was glued to the red carpet to see who had out done who so I thought I should show you just some of my favourite dresses from the awards.

Ladies in Red...
I thought the New Girl star Zooey Deschanel looked amazing (as usual) in her gorgeous dress even though I do Have a pet hate of red dresses on the red carpet I think all these women really pull it off!

Women Wearing White 

Here we have a reminder that winter isn't over yet! I think all of them looked amazing but I espically Hayden(surname). They all manged to avoid the white dress = bride fiasco!

'You can never go wrong...'
I love these girls' take on the classic LBD Adele with her failsafe black dress looking amazing as always and Kate Hudson and Eva Longoria 'sexing' it up with am amazing bit of side leg! Very Jealous!

With Love xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

NOTD | Tutti Frutti

Pink and Orangey Pink nails

Pink = Sally Hansen Shrimply Divine
Orangey Pink = Collection 2000 - Tutti Frutti
With Love xx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Binky's 5 minute Beauty Tips

I was recently on twitter and I saw a tweet from Binky (from Made in Chelsea) saying she had written a blog post about a 5 minute make-up routine so I thought why not edit it a bit and do my own for my blog so this is my compact version ( I will put links to Binky's original blog at the end)                                                                                                                                    

 Step 1

Apply some BB cream to your T- zone area. I am using Dr. Jarts's BB cream I got with November's GlossyBox
Step 2

Apply some powder foundation to your T- zone to avoid shiny-ness I also put some in my cheeks but that's not necessary. I used Maybelline Fit Me! Powder foundation.
Step 3

Then apply some eyleiner in black above and or under the eye I am using my Rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner.

Step 4

Mascara. However much you want its down to personal preference. I am using Rimmel scandal eyes mascara.

The products I used

 Binky's Blog

P.s. I timed myself doing my routine and it took me 4 and a half minutes which I think is pretty good.

With Love xx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How To | Army Print Nails

Ok, I am an avid fan of doing my nails anyone that knows me will know I am never without nail varnish on. If you read my blog about 2012 you will see I was dressed up as an army solider so I decided to do Army print on my nails.

Brown base  (Barry M - Mushroom) next on was the Teal (No7 cant remember the name!)
then I used liquid eye-liner to do the black ( Rimmel Exaggerate)
Sorry about the messy-ness of the polish but I was in a rush!

With Love xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Review | London Les Miserables Premiere

 Okay so as a huge fan of Les Miserables I was so excited to hear they are making a movie of it and I was literally jumping in my seat watching the ITV special that was on the other day and I thought I should incorporate this in my blog so I thought that I would do a bit of a fashion review of the London premiere.
Amanda Seyfried - Cossette

She looks so amazing in this monochrome Balenciaga dress with the ruffle trend I mentioned in November  she looks so pretty and the sweetheart neckline really suits her. I really can't wait to see her in the film because we know she has an amazing voice from hearing her sing all of those amazing ABBA songs in Mamma Mia  and I think the role will suit her perfectly.
Anne Hathaway - Fantine

I think she looks stunning sporting her new locks (which she cut for real in this movie!) and this what appears to be basic Givenchy dress but when we look closer we can see loads of little beads sewn all over it. I have to say I am not too keen on the sleeves but the more I look at it the more they grow on me. Even though she is only in this movie for about 15 minutes she apparently steals the show. The snippets I have heard on the adverts of her singing I Dreamed A Dream already make me almost cry so god knows what I will be like when I actually go and watch it!
Samantha Barks - Eponine

I absolutely love this Stella McCartney Dress she looks so stunning and she has definitely got the figure for it! Even thought it is a floor length long sleeve high neck dress she still makes it look sexy which I would love to know how to do. She is going to be amazing in the film after seeing clips of her singing On My Own and seeing her on stage singing them as well I am sure she will be amazing.

So I hope this has got you all excited about going to watch the show. It comes out in the UK on the 11th January and it is already out in cinemas in America. 

With Love xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

My 2012

So being new to the blogging scene and apparently joining it at its peak I have been taking a lot of inspiration from other bloggers that I follow and this one I have been inspired to by Zoella's most recent blog as so I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of my year I have never really done this before but here it goes!


So as 2012 was my last year of secondary school we had a prom and this year we came up with the idea of having a prom fayre. Somewhere where all the prom related businesses could come and show us what the could do and I was one of the models for the catwalk.I was so nervous but excited at the same time and I had the most amazing time. They did all of our hair and make up and I was so happy. My hair was so amazing I was so pleased and I was wearing a dress from Bridal and Ball which cost over £200! I was so happy and had an amazing time!


I had so much fun with my friends over the year but this day was definatly the best we just mucked around in the field next to my friends house on a go kart and just had an amazing day. This is my favourite photo of the year too because it is so us!


So even though year 11 was filled with exams and so much stress it was one of the greatest years of my life and I have no regrets. This picture of my sport class because we played uni-hoc (like hockey) for the whole year and we had a competition. We all became so close and I just have great memories of them all.

Me and my friends decided to go to T4 On The Beach this year and it was so amazing I saw one of my favourite artists Rita Ora and so many other people although the weather was typically British and I had sunburn and soaking wet sand around my feet I had an amazing time and the ride home was the best car journey ever because we were chatting to every car that went past.


So I obviously had my prom in 2012 and this is my favourite prom picture me and one of my best friends Hannah with the tallest guy in our year. I had so much fun at prom because it was carnival themed and we had bumper cars and candy floss and everything! Everyone looked so pretty I had one of the best nights of the year (although I cant remember most of it as I had had a few ;) )


So this year the olympics & paralympics were held in my country and the sailing events were held in my home town which I was so proud of and i really did have so much patritoism this year (with the queens diamond jubilee aswell) This picture was taken on the beach when pretty much the whole of weymouth pured onto the beach to watch Ben Ainsley win Olympic Gold and I cried. First thing you should know about me is I am a cryer.
Back to school and I am back doing my A-levels and I am having such a good time and really enjoying them I just love this picture because it really sums up my friends. Gorgeous but total idiots.

So this year for Children in Need my school put on a fancy dress fashion show and being the idiots we are me and my friend Charly dressed up as Greeks and strutted our stuff down the catwalk. We raised a lot of  money for charity and had a great time doing it.

December / January

So I went out for new years eve dressed as an army girl and clonked about inmy amy boots all night and I found this picture of me and my best friend lucy handcuffed a=she is obviously the policeman I had the best night ever that night and so did all my friens=ds which I was happy about and I made up with someone I hadn't spoken to for about 7 years which I was so happy about. 

Sorry about the bad quality we had quite a lot to drink :)

With Love xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My December Favourites

Okay so this month I don't have as many favourites as usual as I haven't been purchasing many products because I was saving up for Christmas but here are a few I have found helpful...

£4.99 Superdrug
Nivea  - Express Hydration Primer
So If you follow by blog you will have seen a review of these  (Link Here) but yeah fell in love with it very good buy.

£7.99 Superdrug and Boots

Maybelline - Fit Me! Liquid Foundation

This product is amazing I really love it. It has great coverage but its not too heavy on the skin it stays for ever too which is good really workable and build-able. I defiantly recommend it.

£5.99 Superdrug and Boots

 Maybelline - Fit Me! Powder Foundation
Exactly the same as the liquid foundation in my levels of happiness its really cute it comes with its own mirror and pad so you can just chuck it on your bag and go no need for anything else which is so handy the one down side is its a bit chunky and wide.

£6.99 Superdrug and Boots 
 Maybelline - Dream Lumi Touch Concealer
I for some reason didn't get the fit me concealer and bought this I don't even know why, but I am so glad I did it is so good! you can build it up and you dont have to use much product to get the effect you want! Love it!!
PG Tips - Tea
As a Brit I love my tea and I haven't been with out one. I cant remember the last day I didn't have one and I have just been really enjoying it recently so I thought I would shove it on here.

So that was my December Favourites I hope you have a wonderful new year and my new years resolution is to put more effort into my blog so I hope you enjoy it!

With Love xx