Friday, 4 January 2013

My 2012

So being new to the blogging scene and apparently joining it at its peak I have been taking a lot of inspiration from other bloggers that I follow and this one I have been inspired to by Zoella's most recent blog as so I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of my year I have never really done this before but here it goes!


So as 2012 was my last year of secondary school we had a prom and this year we came up with the idea of having a prom fayre. Somewhere where all the prom related businesses could come and show us what the could do and I was one of the models for the catwalk.I was so nervous but excited at the same time and I had the most amazing time. They did all of our hair and make up and I was so happy. My hair was so amazing I was so pleased and I was wearing a dress from Bridal and Ball which cost over £200! I was so happy and had an amazing time!


I had so much fun with my friends over the year but this day was definatly the best we just mucked around in the field next to my friends house on a go kart and just had an amazing day. This is my favourite photo of the year too because it is so us!


So even though year 11 was filled with exams and so much stress it was one of the greatest years of my life and I have no regrets. This picture of my sport class because we played uni-hoc (like hockey) for the whole year and we had a competition. We all became so close and I just have great memories of them all.

Me and my friends decided to go to T4 On The Beach this year and it was so amazing I saw one of my favourite artists Rita Ora and so many other people although the weather was typically British and I had sunburn and soaking wet sand around my feet I had an amazing time and the ride home was the best car journey ever because we were chatting to every car that went past.


So I obviously had my prom in 2012 and this is my favourite prom picture me and one of my best friends Hannah with the tallest guy in our year. I had so much fun at prom because it was carnival themed and we had bumper cars and candy floss and everything! Everyone looked so pretty I had one of the best nights of the year (although I cant remember most of it as I had had a few ;) )


So this year the olympics & paralympics were held in my country and the sailing events were held in my home town which I was so proud of and i really did have so much patritoism this year (with the queens diamond jubilee aswell) This picture was taken on the beach when pretty much the whole of weymouth pured onto the beach to watch Ben Ainsley win Olympic Gold and I cried. First thing you should know about me is I am a cryer.
Back to school and I am back doing my A-levels and I am having such a good time and really enjoying them I just love this picture because it really sums up my friends. Gorgeous but total idiots.

So this year for Children in Need my school put on a fancy dress fashion show and being the idiots we are me and my friend Charly dressed up as Greeks and strutted our stuff down the catwalk. We raised a lot of  money for charity and had a great time doing it.

December / January

So I went out for new years eve dressed as an army girl and clonked about inmy amy boots all night and I found this picture of me and my best friend lucy handcuffed a=she is obviously the policeman I had the best night ever that night and so did all my friens=ds which I was happy about and I made up with someone I hadn't spoken to for about 7 years which I was so happy about. 

Sorry about the bad quality we had quite a lot to drink :)

With Love xx

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