Sunday, 10 February 2013

How to | Daytime Eyeshadow

Hello my lovelies :)

On friday I was just mulling about at school with a face full of make-up which I had incidently put alot of effort into and one of my friends complimented me and asked me how I did my eye make-up. I obviously was pleased with this compliment and then I thought why dont I write a blog post about it! So here it is sorry for the awkwardly close pictures. I am using an NYC Metro Quartet in Union Square

 Take the main colour you want to use and apply it all over your lid. I like to use quite a light colour because otherwise it is quite alot for an understated daytime look.

Take quite a dark colour and apply it in the outside corner of your eye. This opens it up and makes your eyes look bigger and adds a bit of definition in my opinion.

Apply a white or very light shade to the inner corner of your eye this will again open it up and brighten the look of your eyes.

 I then like to put a line of a darker shade than on the lid and apply it into the crease. This will just add a bit of shaping to the eye socket.

Then apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to the upper lid of your eye ( I am using Rimmel exaggerate  eyeliner in black) You could also apply a thin line of brown kohl liner and smudge it should it tickle your fancy.

Then wack on some mascara I am using Maybelline Scandal Eyes mascara.

Then if you want to add a line of eyeliner to your waterline and a little under your bottom lashes and smudge it out.

And that's it! a completed daytime eye look. Let me know in the comment section if you liked this post and want me to do more like this and some suggestions for different posts I could do.

With Love xx


  1. Looks lovely x

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    Lovely blog, keep up the good work.
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  3. cute and pretty daytime look!


  4. What a great tutorial, lovely eye make up

    A little bit Unique


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  5. I agree, their nail polish are just fantastic ! I love them too ! It's my pleasure and thank you for your sweet comment, have a great week-end ! xx



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