Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Review | Streamys Fashion

Okay so I got told to review this by the gorgeous Grace of Other Infinities so I thought I should but you have no idea how hard it was to find red carpet pictures! For people whos lives centre around the internet they really don't use it in the way I want so this is going to be short and sweet not like the Bafta vs. Grammys post I did so I will just be posing my comments. Sorry!

Shira Lazar 

Cristina Amato

Liz and Megan Mace

Alessandra Torresani

Justine Ezarik

Taryn Southern

Grace Helbig 

Well I said I wasn't going to put much commenting on these pictures I am very sorry about but I think you should definatly check out Grace Helbig's Youtube Channel its called DailyGrace but yeah it is quite a party dress event so I dint have much more to say about it really but if you have anything else to say about it let me know in the comment section below and any other award shows you want me to review I was thinking the Brits and the Elle style awards.

With Love xx


  1. They look so beautiful! These dresses are so amazing! : )

  2. Not gonna lie, I just fan girled a bit.
    I really really didn't expect Grace Helbig to wear something like that since she is always reviewing (takingthepiss) of other celebrities dress sense, but good for her anyway! I think Justine looks amazzing.
    The Blogasphere needs more bloggers like you who actually reads peoples comments!♥

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