Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Liebster Award!

I am so excited! I got nominated for the Liebester blog award from Starftsh's Blog (It is seriously stunning go check it out! so after reading the rules and loads of other posts like this I think I know what I have to do!

The Rules Are:
1. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you!
2. Post eleven facts about yourself.
3. Answer the eleven questions the blogger who tagged you has set for you.
4. Create eleven questions for the bloggers you nominate.
5. Choose eleven people with less that 200 followers to give this award to,
 and tell them on their page.

11 Facts About Me.
1. I have a dog and a cat called Ben and Jerry ( yes after the ice cream!)
2. I sing to myself almost constantly and I am convinced I am really good and everyone who tells me I am bad is part of a conspiracy to make me think I am bad.
3. I have a toy mouse called Mousey that I have had since I was a baba but neither I nor my parents know where I got it from.
4. I speak french but I can't write it.
5. I hate people who complain even in the slightest.
6. I never text back but it really annoys me when people dont reply to me.
7. I have always wanted to play Frenchie in Grease since I was a little girl.
8. I know all the words to the film Grease. Even the Dialogue.
9. I used to dance from when I was 4 till 16 with a local dance group and performed at my local pavillion at least twice a year.
10. My favourite dinner is Breakfast for dinner which is a full english for dinner which sounds weird but it actually tastes better than it does in the morning.
11. I am an army cadet which I love and I have now reached the staff sergeant rank.

11 Questions set by Starftsh's Blog

1. What inspired you to become a blogger?
I had watched youtube beauty videoes for awhile (peole like Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter etc.) and I realised they were mentioning blogs in thier videos so I checked them out and I thought that would be sometjing that I would enjoy and so far I am!
2. Outdoor or Indoor?
Indoor. Without a second of doubt. I never really liked activity or any sort of extreme weather condidtions!
3. Least favorite makeup product you own?
I have an NYC Bronzer that I bought out of impulse because I coudnt be bothered to look for another one and I absolulty hate it it is a very orange colour and shattered after I accidently knocked it off my bed.
4.If you had the choice to see your future, would you take it?
It depends how far I would see. If it was really far into the future probably not but like a few years then maybe.
5. Favourite music band/artist?
I do have to say I am a directioner but I also like Jake Bugg and Joss Stone
6.Describe your fashion style.
My friends say i am a 'city' type (god knows what that means!) but I suppose I like quite quirky boyish clothes but generally mainstream.
7. What's one thing you can't live without, besides any type of technology?
Hmm I will just be cliche and say my best friend Lucy. I can always turn to her.
8. Favorite kind of shoes to wear?
Flats. Covered in sensible comfy shoes. If I could wear slippers all the time I totally would!
9. If you could had the chance to be on the cover of a magazine, what magazine
 brand would you like to be featured on?
Probably Elle because it is quite Glamourous!
10. Favourite Make up brand?
Either Rimmel, Maybelline or Barry M
11.What are two saying that you live by?
Rain will make the flowers grow - Which is a quote from the film Les Mis but I think it is very poetic and says quite a lot
Eat, Pray,Love - which again is a book but it is still 3  things I really value in my life.

My nominees are: 
1. Grace from Other Infinities
2.What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful
3. Charlie from Charlie : blog beaute
4.Adele of Gracious Ghost
5.The Secret Getaway

I know that's only 5 but I thought I would put up ones that I actually read and not random ones I dont even know are good!

My Questions are:   
1. What inspired you to become a blogger?
2. Favourite Hair product you own?
3. Least favourite make up product you own?
4. If you had one wish waht would you wish for? (and not the 3 more wishes)
5. Favourite film?
6. Who can you tell anything too?
7. What's one thing you can't live without, besides any type of technology?
8. Where would you most like to visit in the world?
9. What hobbies do you have?
10. If you had to would you rather shave you head or never wear make-up again?
11.What are two saying that you live by?


  1. Thanks so much for nominating me! haha I love the name of your cats, I had goldfish called Rosy and Jim when I was a kid, like the programme haha x

  2. We well done on the award xx

    ide love if you checked out my blog :)

  3. Thank you! Breakfast for dinner is brilliant, I eat cereal 24/7 and I think it tastes really good as a dessert. Hahaha, I don't know why :') and omg am the exact same, when I give people my phone number I tell them there and then that I probably won't text back ever so don't complain, speaking of complaining I find that people who complain never realise what they have in life and I could literally just be sat listening to them complain for hours about rubbish and just thinking to myself 'There life is perfect and they take it for granted' :') ♥


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