Thursday, 4 April 2013

Exams! Arrghh!

Hello there butties,
I am currently supposed to be revising biology but the damn internet machine keeps distracting me! DAMN YOU! I think this period of the year is filled with seeing your friends tweet about how much revising they're doing and your like yeah.... not gonna do it and then when results day rolls around your like damn I wish I listened to the little angel on my shoulder not the devil.

I was lucky enough in my GCSE's to get 10 A's and 2 B's without revising very much but I was just lucky, I really don't know how on earth I did it to be honest. But my friend Karam got an A* in all of his exams and he revised so hard, like everyday for 4 hours or something ridiculous. Now I am not saying that you have to do that much or even that I am but I think it is definitely best to actually do it.

As someone who suffers from anxiety I can tend to panic and really stress out when it comes to exam times but I have ways which I calm myself down.

  • Don't cram. It is the stupid way of revising, nothing goes in and you just stress yourself out.
  • Try and come up with funny or different ways to look at what you have to know so you don't see it as some scary monster that is going to swamp your brain, but more of a self written episode of QI
  • Take water into the exam with you. I am pretty sure every exam board allows it and keeping your brain hydrated is essential for brain function (don't ya know)
  • If you feel yourself panicking just take 2 minutes to just think, don't write anything down, don't look at everyone else, just have a drink, and draw a smiley face on your hand and just take yourself away for a second.
  • Manage your time, my RE teacher said if you have long answer questions and you're a rambler do them first as they will get you the most marks. Generally a minute a mark.
  • If you can't do it, don't stress, move on and come back later. Questions later on in the paper may jog your memory anyway!
  • Take a revision break! I know it may sound a bit stupid but just go on a walk with the dog or treat yourself to some Easter chocolate and watch a bit of Jeremy Kyle just take it easy!
So just keep calm and carry on I am going to get back to my revision. 

With Love xx
p.s. good luck to anyone with exams coming up! Go Revise!


  1. Im doing my exams too! Im doing as levels and revision is so dull! Thank s for the tips though! Very helpful! I will definatly take you advice on board! Ps loving the sheep cartoon at the end!! I love sheep!! :D xx

  2. I have my exams coming up to and I'm so nervous! Good Luck with everything and this was such a great post.


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