Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review Kids Choice Awards

Hello again internet friends!

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Victoria Justice
victoria justice kids choice

Victoria looks so pretty in this Pia Pauro Dress. I love the print because its not too overpowering and still looks pretty. I also love those shoes if anyone knows any where where I can get some from please leave it in the comment section!

Lucy Hale
lucy hale kids choice

I really like this dress with the understated monochrome look. I also like how she has zazzed it up with a neon pink lipstick I think if she didn't she would just fade into the background.

Selena Gomez
selena gomez kids choice

She looks so pretty in this pastel outft teaming it up with a bit of shimmer. Oscar de la Renta did a good job on this one!

Zendaya Coleman

I love that she put a jumper over this Alice + Olivia dress. It looks so cute and I will defiantly be trying this! A way to girly up a winter look (and with this weather we are going to need it!)

Halston Sage

I absolutly love this dress I love all the shapes and things it really catches your eye. I like the hints of navy blue which clashes with the white. So pretty!

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  1. The outfits are so cute and lovely! xx

  2. Hey Beautiful! I'm Christina from StarftshsBlog and I nominated you for an award! Go to http://starftshsblog.blogspot.com/ to see my page and to see your nomination!

  3. really nice outfits:)X


  4. Hey, came across your blog today and I love it!
    The outfits in this post are stunning...
    Check my own blog out and give it a follow!


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